In adition to giving talks at conferences, I have also tailored and imparted some workshops and talks for communities, schools and private companies. You can see the full list in the list of workshops section. If you want me to impart one of these workshops at your school, conference or company or if you want to know if I can create a workshop about a topic or tool not mentioned here, contact me.

Communities and companies I've collaborated with

List of workshops

Introduction to Ruby

A workshop for the newcomers to the Ruby language. This workshop was created for people who is already familiar with any other Object-Oriented programming language and want to start working effectively with Ruby. We cover the core concepts of Ruby alterning the theory and the practice as well as using references to other programming languages the atendees already know to facilitate the learning of Ruby.

Introduction to Rails

The perfect follow-up workshop for people who has some insights about Ruby and Web Development. In this workshop, we cover the Rails archquitecture and how it implements the MVC pattern. In the same way that in the Ruby workshop, we altern between the theory and the practice by creating an application in which atendees use the knowledge adquired through the workshop.


SMACCS metholodogy helps you to give a better structure to your CSS. In this workshop, atendees are first require to implement the home page of an e-commerce website guided by mockups. We share our progress and discuss the main problems we faced during the implementation. Later on, atendees are presented to the SMACCS framework and, once they are familiar with its core concepts, we collaborative discuss and refactor the implementation created in the first part of the workshop.

Unit testing

An introduction to Unit testing. This workshop is aimed for people who have experienced programming, but haven't done unit testing before. The workshop can be taken in Ruby, Java, PHP or any other Object-Oriented language that has a version of the Unit Testing framework. We take the Gilded Rose Kata as a codebase and start adding test and refactoring. Before starting, the general concepts of testing are presented to the atendees.

Introduction to Git

This workshop assumes no previous experience on Control Version Systems (CVS) and attendes are not even required to know how to program, since the contents are focused on plain text so we can focus on the use of git rather than programming language specifications. By the end of the workshop, atendees will be familiar with the use of git via command-line interface and they will be comfortable to implement the CVS in their current projects