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Presentation at RailsConf 2022 in Portland, Oregon

Photo: @lastgabs

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The good, the bad, and the DevOps

Abstract: The cloud is fun and stuff but, are you prepared to move your lovely RoR application to another house? Now you鈥檒l be ready

I [i18n] you: strategies to effectively manage translations in Open Source projects

Abstract: Even though English is the de facto language in sofware development, there are projects where multilanguage support is fundamental. In this talk, I share how two projects I contribute to, and manage multilanguage content and some advice on how to prepare your FLOSS projects to implement i18n effectively

Rails recipes

Abstract: Most beginners want to work with Ruby on Rails due the development speed and the robust and realiable solutions promised by the framework but, how to start? In this talk, I'll show you some gems that you can integrate to yoour Ruby on Rails apps that will speed up development time and can help you solve commons problems

The Senior Software Engineer

Abstract: In this IT world where the only sure thing is change, we have the belief that, in order to reach a "Senior" level in the software engineering area, we must learn all existing and new technologies in the market but, what does it mean to be a Senior Software Engineer? It is only about the year of experience? programming languages learnt? certifications?

In this talk, we'll explore the main characteristics expected on a Senior Software Engineer.

GraphQL 101

Abstract: 2016 seemed to be a good year for the GraphQL specification and there is no doubt that 2017 will mark the mainstream adoption of one of the most recent Facebook creations but, what is this GraphQL thing all my friends are talking about?

In this talk, we'll learn what place GraphQL could take in our stack as well as the pros and cons of its adoption in a production application.

Refactoring depression: how mental diseases are affecting our community

Abstract: It's time to talk about mental health in IT

Excessive working hours, isolation, stress, irregular sleeping patterns and impostor syndrome, among other situations, are part of the price we pay for working on Information Technologies, but could be symptoms of something more dangerous is going on and we haven't realized.

This talk aims to make people aware of how vulnerable people working on the area is and how we should give more importance to our mental health.

Accessibility in the Internet 2.0 era

Abstract: The purpose of this talk is to create awareness of the importance of creating apps that are accessible for the majority regardless physical, cognitive, mental, sensory or developmental problems and how to decrease the impact in the experience of our sites by using tools and techniques that help us to make life easier for people who have those disabilities.

Introducing new generations to free software

Abstract: How to make young devs contribute to open source? How to find talent for your company? How to help underrepresented groups to start a professional path on programming?

Can we tackle all of these at the same time? R: Yes, and here's how:

In this talk I鈥檒l share my experience as mentor in the Rails Girls Summer of Code program and how these girls, with the proper training and motivation, passed from novice enthusiastic to junior developers working on a real protect in less than a year.

Red light, green light: the do's and don'ts of a successful dev-design workflow

Abstract: Imagine this: a highly-rotational developer team and an small-and-overworked design team working together for the first time with a tight schedule and several deliveries in a month: what could go wrong?

This talk is about a war story and my learnings on how, even when chaos seems to reign, you have sometimes to stop everything (turn the red light on) in order to continue and success (turn the green light on).

API First? Security first: what you need to know in order to create secure APIs

Abstract: Several tools and frameworks such Angular, Ember, React and Flight among others as well as mobile development depend on an API to communicate with your application back-end.

In this talk, we'll anayize common errors in both creation and consumption of APIs and how to mitigate those failures as well as exploring the anatomy of a secure API

High-quality software practices

Abstract: In this talk we will explore some of the tools, techniques and metodologies used in Crowd Interactive to offer our clients a high-quality software

High-performance web optimization

Abstract: This talk presents some techniques and tools for improving the front-end performance of your our applications.

I just finished my degree: what do I do now?

Abstract: The purpose of this talk is to give some advice to degree students on their last year of studires or people who has just graduated from university about the general panorama and the pros and cons of the laboral and academic options they have.

How the web works?

Abstract: This part was created for elementary school students to explain, in a simple way, the details and internals on how a web search works and all the magic that happens behind the curtains.

A.I. and Open Source

Abstract: This talk introduces some of the Open Source tools that can be used when developing artificial intelligence applications and demonstrate a Bayesian classifier created with the classifier gem.